Over the past few years, there has been a notable rise in Electric/Hybrid vehicles within the automotive retail industry. As a result, our program has been designed to address this growing trend and offers three distinct levels of study. These qualifications are aimed at equipping individuals working in the automotive sector with the necessary skills to ensure both their safety and the safe handling of Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

The program comprises three qualifications aimed at enabling individuals in the automotive industry to work safely with broken-down Electric/Hybrid vehicles and perform routine maintenance on them.

  1. Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Awareness

    The content of the L1 qualification has been designed to give learners the knowledge required to work safely around Electric/Hybrid vehicles. It provides learners with an introduction to the knowledge of safe working practices, the dangers surrounding and the precautions required to avoid potential injury when near Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

  2. Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Hazard Management for Emergency and Recovery Personnel

    The content of the L2 qualification has been designed for individuals who may encounter accident damaged or broken-down electric/hybrid (all variations) vehicles, e.g. emergency services and roadside recovery operators. It contains the knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle's high & low voltage electrical system and electric drive train system that may have been damaged. Learners will gain knowledge of the dangers surrounding electric vehicles and the precautions to avoid potential injury.

  3. Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement

    The content of the L3 qualification has been designed to give the learners the knowledge and skills required to work safely on Electric/Hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out diagnostic, testing and repair activities. This may include vehicles that may have or had damage to their high energy/electrical system. Learners successfully completing this qualification will acquire significant core knowledge and skills and the ability to remove and replace Electric/Hybrid vehicle high voltage components.

Learning Outcome and Goals

Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to :

Understand the types of electric and hybrid vehicles available

Know the hazards associated with motor vehicle high energy electrical systems

Work safely around electric and hybrid vehicles including charging

Know how to reduce the risk of injury when encountering electric and hybrid vehicles

Know how to safely transport and store electric and hybrid vehicles

Use information to carry out the task

Carry out repairs on high energy electrical systems

Record information and make suitable recommendations

Remove and replace electric and hybrid vehicle high voltage components

Entry Requirement

Entry for this qualification will be assessed on an individual basis taking into account each applicant's existing vocational qualifications and experience in working in the retail automotive industry.

Ideally, individuals interested in taking the Level 3 qualification should possess appropriate vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge and skills at level 3.

Training Methodology



Practical Sessions

IMI Assessments





  1. IMI International Level 1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Awareness

  2. IMI International Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Hazard Management for Emergency and Recovery Personnel

  3. IMI International Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement

Training Fee


Self - Pay

RM3200per pax
(Level 1 - Level 3)


  • IMI Assessments

HRD-Corp Claimable

RM3340per pax
(Level 1 - Level 3)


  • IMI Assessments

About the Awarding Professional Body

The Institute of Motor Industry was established in 1920 and is the only automotive industry Professional Body Worldwide. For more information, please click the link here https://tide.theimi.org.uk/

The purpose and aim of the suite IMI Awards’ electric vehicle qualifications (VRQs) is to instruct individuals from the retail automotive industry and the public service sector (for example, members of the emergency services, who may attend an accident involving an electric vehicle) in the maintenance, service, and/or handling of electric vehicles.

These qualifications have been developed by IMI in conjunction with electric vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers and the IMI Sector Skills Council. They are the first qualifications of their kind to address electric vehicle (high voltage) technology. The qualifications are essential to ensure the health and safety of individuals working with electric vehicles.

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