Mechatronic -Apprenticeship Scheme (MAS)

Those who are interested in mechatronics and want to pursue a career as an Automation Technician are encouraged to join this programme. The Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) and Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) introduced this scheme to increase the supply of mechatronic/automation skilled workers in production or manufacturing industries.  

MAS combines workplace and institutional training and is a fully sponsored programme. A contract is signed between the company and student prior to the training. Apprentices or students are given an allowance throughout the training by the company and are obliged to work with the company upon completion if they are offered employment.

Students will be trained to identify and modify systems, equipment or component functions, read and interpret automation drawings, troubleshoot electrical and electronic components, rectify faults as well as perform continuous maintenance and installation of automation systems. Students will also learn basic design skills of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic circuits using AutoCAD and Solid Works.

Course Title
Career Prospects
12 months +
3 months OJT
    Advanced Diploma     Mechatronic Technologist Level 5
(Ahli Teknologi Mekatronik Tahap 5)
(in Production & Manufacturing Industry)
12 months +
3 months OJT
    Diploma     Assistant Mechatronic Technologist Level 4
(Pembantu Ahli Teknologi Mekatronik Tahap 4)
    Assistant Technologist
System Designer
(in Production & Manufacturing Industry)
2 years + 3 months     Certificate     Senior Automation Technician Level 3
(Juruteknik Automasi Kanan Tahap 3)
Senior Technician
Automation Technician
Maintenance Technician