Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (IMIAL UK) Automotive After Sales Servicing Certificate

The work of automotive service technicians and mechanics has evolved from mechanical repair to a high technology job. Hence, this dual certificate course is offered to add value and significantly increase our graduate’s capability to differentiate themselves from others.

Student will gain competency in motor vehicle technology such as automotive system functions, maintenance and repair of petrol/gasoline and diesel light vehicles, engine management systems, diagnosis of vehicle electronic systems and electrical faults, identify, procure and undertake repairs or replacement of components as well as carry out service on vehicle air-conditioning systems.

Upon successfully completing this course, our graduates can be employed as Automotive/Motor Vehicle Technicians in various automotive companies, repair and service workshops, dealerships, maintenance depots, parts, accessories and automotive peripheral service stores (air-condition systems/wheel alignment) as well as fleet shops (transport companies with vehicles requiring periodical and preventive maintenance service).

Course Title
Career Prospects
12 months +
3 months OJT
Advanced Diploma Automotive – After Sales Manager Level 5
(Pengurus Automotif Tahap 5)
After Sales Manager
Service Manager
Branch/Service Centre Manager
12 months +
3 months OJT
Diploma Automotive – After Sales Executive Level 4
(Eksekutif Automotif Tahap 4)
After Sales Executive
Service/ Executive Branch/Service Centre
9 months +
3 months OJT


Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 3, IMI Awards Limited United Kingdom
(Servis & Penyelenggaraan Kenderaan Ringan Tahap 3)
Automotive After Sales Servicing Level 3
(Automotif- Servis Selepas Jualan Tahap 3)
Foreman or Supervisor Senior Technician
12 months Certificate
Automotive After Sales Servicing Level 2
(Automotif- Servis Selepas Jualan Tahap 2)
Technician Mechanic