National Skill Diploma (DKM) Automotive-After Sales Executive Level 4

An Automotive-After Sales Executive supports the management of after sales operations which includes both front line and workshop operations.  He or she is the second person in charge after the after sales manager or head.

After Sales Executives are required to perform complex activities such as oversee the entire operations, look into staff performance, plan manpower requirements, ensure achievement of  key performance indicator (KPI), handle customer complaints, evaluate marketing strategies effectiveness, implement new strategies or projects to improve customer satisfaction, allocate resources and manage departmental inventory, facilities and equipments.

In the Automotive Industry, effective after sales service is the key to retaining a customer and getting more sales. Over the years, various new technologies, applications and methods of practices have being applied in the automotive after sales industry nationwide. This has resulted in a very high demand of skilled workers in this sector.

Course Title
Career Prospects
12 months +
3 months OJT
Advanced Diploma Automotive – After Sales Manager Level 5
(Pengurus Automotif Tahap 5)
After Sales Manager
Service Manager
Branch/Service Centre Manager
12 months +
3 months OJT
Diploma Automotive – After Sales Executive Level 4
(Eksekutif Automotif Tahap 4)
After Sales Executive
Service/ Executive Branch/Service Centre
9 months +
3 months OJT
Certificate Automotive After Sales Servicing Level 3
(Automotif- Servis Selepas Jualan Tahap 3)
Foreman or Supervisor
12 months Certificate
Automotive After Sales Servicing Level 2
(Automotif- Servis Selepas Jualan Tahap 2)
Technician Mechanic