Assistant Mechatronic Technologist

National Skill Diploma (DKM) Assistant Mechatronic Technologist Level 4

With globalization and technological advancements, the need for technologist in mechatronic has been growing annually worldwide especially in the manufacturing industry.

An Assistant Mechatronic Technologist is designated to analyse mechatronic product manufacturability, develop product design, manage product fabrication and projects in addition to mechatronic functionality and logistics.

Students will be trained to prepare mechatronic product and design concept proposal, plan product development process, design mechatronic product, prepare detail drawing, plan product fabrication schedule, monitor product fabrication activities, product assemblies and project trials, conduct pre-delivery product inspection, installation and commissioning and carry out equipment & machinery  setup as well as mechatronic equipment troubleshooting.

Course Title
Career Prospects
12 months +
3 months OJT
    Advanced Diploma     Mechatronic Technologist Level 5
(Ahli Teknologi Mekatronik Tahap 5)
    Production Manager
Sales Manager
Maintenance Manager
Mechatronic Specialist
Automation Designer
Quality Controller
Section Manager
Waste Management Manager
Mechatronic Training Manager
12 months +
3 months OJT
    Diploma     Assistant Mechatronic Technologist Level 4
(Pembantu Ahli Teknologi Mekatronik Tahap 4)
    Production Assistant Manager
Sales Assistant Manager
Maintenance Assistant Manager
Automation Designer
Section Assistant Manager
Waste Management Assistant Manager
Mechatronic Training Assistant Manager
9 months +
3 months OJT
    Certificate     Senior Automation Technician Level 3
(Juruteknik Automasi Kanan Tahap 3)
Senior Technician
Automation Technician
Maintenance Technician
6 months     Certificate    

Automation Technician Level 2
(Juruteknik Automasi Tahap 2)

Technical Assistant